We are passionate

about science

We provide comprehensive communication services to the science, technology and nature conservation sectors. We seek for innovative solutions in order to create an attractive, exciting and rigorous scientific communication with a contemporary language.

Our motto is

science to the people

Our goal is to influence, inspire and support a society where critical and scientific thinking is a fundamental pillar in both individual and collective decision making.

These values are our genes

  1. We work with enthusiasm, curiosity, professionalism and rigor to deliver cutting-edge products that generate impact on the target audience.
  2. We take pride in creating quality and valuable products for money.
  3. We like working with people who do not wait for orders, do what they promised and work considering others.

  1. We are motivated by science with a positive impact on our society and our planet.
  2. We want that members of the company as well as its collaborators and clients would be able to make a decent living from their work.
  3. We believe in mutual respect and in celebrating our diversity.

  1. We like honest people. Honest with her work, honest with customers and suppliers, honest with the company and above all honest in the desire to bring science to society.
  2. We believe that science communication has to live up to the science it communicates: cutting-edge, original, bold, elegant, beautiful, humble, and fair.

  1. We believe that the highest salary of the company can not be more than 5 times higher than the salary of the one who earn less.
  2. We see no conflict between adherence to high professional standards in our work and kindness and closeness in our interactions.

The team

Martin Haro Comunicación Científica science communication Incognita agency

Martín Haro

CEO & Founder

Martin is an avid explorer of science and knowledge. With a PhD in Information and Communication Technologies, a degree in Marketing and a music background, Martin feeds incognita with his expertise in ICT and his sound knowledge of science and business.

Alex Mas Comunicación Científica science communication Incognita agency

Àlex Mas

CCO & Founder

Alex is a Biomedical Engineer and MsC in Science Communication. His solid experience in science laboratories and private research companies and his passion for visual arts and storytelling make him the creative leader in incognita.

Joan de la Malla

Production & Photography

Joan is one of those fearless people capable of surviving literally alone in the jungle with just a knife. Passionate biologist and renowned nature and science photographer he gives incognita his talent on photography, his knowledge about nature, and his expertise on logistics and planning.

Marc Navarro

Art director

Marc is a graphic designer, art director and musician with a vast experience in advertising providing a thrilling approach to science at incognita.