“la Caixa” Research and Fellowships Communication

“la Caixa” Foundation / Communication strategy and campaigns


The challenge was to design all communication campaigns, both national and international, from the Research and Fellowships area at “la Caixa”. This area includes different programmes, all created to support talent, research and innovation. Each programme needed to maintain their own individuality and appeal to the different target audiences and also, they needed to make sense as a group. All programmes share the same values and mission, and thus, we created an umbrella message to describe the overarching theme that encompassed all of them.
Our intention was to create a new world through the eyes of “la Caixa”. The result of this strategy was an ode to imagination and to the values that can drive our society to a brighter future. This is the world you imagine. A world of possibilities, where our greatest aspirations are achievable. We created a language and a way of approaching science that feeds from wonder, curiosity and hope.
The creative solution and strategy for all the individual programmes and the respective communication campaigns were born from this world we imagine.
Photography has been the tool to give each programme its own spirit taking into account the target audience but all of them share declinations of “the world you imagine”. We carefully curated the visual design of each programme with scientific rigour and on the basis of real scientific projects funded by ”la Caixa” as a base for our photography. We used strategic design to put the audience at the centre of the creative process. We also provided carefully though set of materials be able to adapt to the performance of the communication campaigns, both online and offline, to make sure we could maximise the impact of the “la Caixa” campaigns.

“The world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

Henry David Thoreau