Montseny Brook Newt Game

Barcelona Zoo / Video Game


We are kids, we love playing and we love designing games and inspiring new generations. Thanks to this one, kids can learn about the Montseny environment, the threats the Brook Newt faces and its food habits, all while having fun and building empathy with the environment and the animals that live in it.

This game has strong nature-conservation values that are essential to face the global change. Educating the next generation within the values of responsibility, conservation and sustainability is paramount to build a better world and a priority in the science communication field. The Montseny brook newt (Calotriton arnoldi) is a species of amphibian that lives exclusively in the Montseny Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve.

Therefore, it is endemic of this territory and at the same time it’s the only endemic vertebrate of Catalonia.

This amphibian is the centre of the LIFE Tritó Montseny European project, led by the Barcelona Zoo, The Generalitat de Catalunya and the diputació de Barcelona and Girona. The main objective of this project is to improve the conservation status of the Montseny brook newt and its riparian habitat. The challenge was to design an experience to promote and disseminate knowledge about this species and its environment to children in the framework of this European project.

The creative solution was to use gamification as a technique to ensure capturing the interest of the children and inspire them to keep learning. We designed a collective science communication game about the Montseny brook newt based on inspiring illustrations representing the natural habitat of the Montseny brook newt.

This interactive game consists of a fast 3 to 5-minute memory card gameplay with the objective to help the Montseny Brook Newt to arrive at its shelter. This interactive game is placed in an installation at the Barcelona Zoo and links to more information about the LIFE European project.

"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks."

John Muir