Sea Watchers 

ICM-CSIC / Communication and Web Platform


Sea watchers is a citizen science project that we’ve seen and we’ve made grow. We are proud of it. It has been an adventure to feed this project that involves citizens and scientists with a new corporate image, corporate video, the design of an itinerant exposition and finally, the cornerstone of the project, the website platform. An immense repository that allows contact between scientists and citizens and to share information about the sea.

This new seawatchers platform was designed taking into account the needs of citizen scientists as well as scientists involved in the project. It includes a platform to manage observations, organize them and visualize them geographically. 

 It also includes a tool for conversation around observations in the form of a webchat linking scientists and citizens and it provides fast tools to validate observations. Alerts can be configured, observations can be liked and observers followed. It is a full social network. The web design has been carefully adapted to the needs of the scientists and it also takes into account the need to include future projects.

Seawatchers is a web platform to involve all of us in the protection and conservation of the oceans. Thus it is a project fully aligned with the incognita values. It is a project that provides citizens with the tools to explore and discover the seas in a different way both from beneath the surface and also underwater to deeply involve them in ocean sciences.

"The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore."

Vincent Van Gogh