We can give

advice for your


Consulting and Training


We provide our expertise on science communication.

Our team of science communicators, technologists, designers, developers, video artists and photographers can evaluate your communication needs and give advice on the best options for your particular case. 

Furthermore, we will be delighted to share our unique background and experience though tailor-made talks and seminars that inspire others and contribute to our goal of delivering science to the people.

We can design the best communication strategy

Strategic planning


Defining a good communication strategy in mid and long term projects is key to reach audiences, generate impact and allocate the resources necessary for an ambitious science communication. From project branding and communication plans to production planning, social network strategies and event logistics we design the communication strategy that will produce the desired impact on your target audience.

We are also your communication partner for European projects (Horizon2020, Life, Eureka).

We can produce

your communication




We are photographers, video artists, developers and designers passionate about science and the environment. We believe we can bring your stories to life in a different way.

We produce:

  • Videos (documentary, fictions, corporate)
  • Websites and Web Docs
  • Web and Mobile Apps
  • Exhibitions
  • Data visualizations and Infographics
  • Branding and Graphic Designs
  • Photography